Looking after your feet – How we can help you

Elverys Intersport want to make sure that your feet are looked after as best they can be – we know how important they are – and with that in mind we bring you in store Gait Analysis and personalised foot analysis from Footbalance.

What are the benefits of having a Gait Analysis?

–          Every individual has a unique gait pattern so getting advice on the correct footwear ensures ultimate comfort & protection.

–          Allows weaknesses in gait to be determined, issues in walking/ running styles can be addressed which will then reduce your risk of injury.

–          Injury prevention.

How is Gait Analysis performed?

  1. Get into bare-feet, with trousers rolled up to mid calf.
  2. Walk/ run on treadmill for 30-60 seconds.
  3. Staff member will analyse & explain video recording – foot type, foot strike & most ideal footwear will be given
  4. Advice on best footwear will be given.
  5. A range of footwear will be suggested & can be tried on.

Foot type:

  1. NEUTRAL (PRONATION) : Pronation is the way the foot rolls inward when you walk and run. It is part of the natural movement that helps the lower leg deal with shock. If a normal amount of pronation (approx 6 degrees) occurs then the foot/ ankle should appear “straight” & correctly aligned.
  2. OVER-PRONATION : Some people pronate more (overpronation) than others. Though this is not bad in itself, it does affect the way you run and it may increase the likelihood of injury. This can be seen in mild, moderate or severe forms.
  3. SUPINATION (UNDER-PRONATION) : Some people pronate less than normal (ie they do not come into the Neutral position but rather fall onto outside of foot). This reduces the body’s ability to absorb shock.

What is Footbalance?

FootBalance is a custom made foot-bed which aims to increase health, foot comfort and overall performance. They help support your feet properly to prevent over-pronation, ameliorate the effects of excessive supination, and improve overall foot function. With FootBalance you get a complete in-store foot analysis and custom molded footbeds/footwear in approximately 10 – 15 minutes

What are the benefits of Footbalance?

–          Prevent/ reduce foot and body misalignments.

–          Raise awareness of an individual’s unique foot type & how it can affect other parts of the body – prevent injury.

–          Alleviate pain, reduce stress and strain on joints, muscles, soft tissue.

–          Provide added comfort and support in footwear.

How are Footbalance made?

  1. Get into bare-feet, with trousers rolled up to mid calf.
  2. Stand on Footbalance glass pod while staff measure Footbalance insole for size.
  3. Staff member analyses the transverse & medial arches while insoles are heating up.
  4. Pressure distribution will be looked at, photographs of the ankles will be taken and foot type will be determined.
  5. The heated insoles are moulded individually to the left and right feet.
  6. Insoles are allowed to cool and are tried on for comfort and fit.



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