The 2015 Champions League Ball – The brilliance of the Adidas Berliner

Every year we are bombarded with news of the latest football to hit the market and why this is the best ever football to be produced. There was much mirth when back in 2010, the World Cup finals football, the Jabulani, was announced as the roundest ever. All footballs are the same they say. But the reality is different.

Footballs have come on in engineering and quality in leaps and bounds alongside every other aspect of the game.

After the 2014 Brazuca football proved to be a stunning success at the World Cup – no issues from goalkeepers, no disgruntled players worrying about it being too light – Adidas have produced the latest Champions League official final football. Since the 1999/2000 season Adidas have been producing the official ball for the UEFA Champions League finals bringing wonderful innovation and eye-catching design to the table.

As with all UEFA Champions League Official Match Balls, this years football, the Adidas Finale Berlin,l they have combined the science behind the Brazuca with a unique take on the host city of this year’s final – Berlin. The ball features an outer coating texture designed to provide optimal grip at the point of impact allowing players to guide the ball exactly where they intend it to go. The reduction in the number of panels is claimed to increase the consistency in the ball. It avoids aerodynamic problems that the Jabulani may have had to deal with, ensuring no issues when it comes to the biggest club games of them all.

The thermally bonded star panel design on the match ball, based on the design of the UEFA Champions League logo, provides a seamless surface and first-class performance. Inspired by the dynamic, young and hip scene of Berlin, the top star includes one of the most recognisable symbols of the city: the Brandenburg Gate set in front of the legendary Olympiastadion Berlin, the setting for this year´s Champions League showdown.
The surrounding stars on the ball each have a bold and colourful design, and encapsulates the city. With some of the greatest players to ever grace the game still involved in this year’s competition, vying for the chance to reach the finale, we are set for an epic final – the scene is set, let’s get the ball rolling.


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